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How businesses can use Twitalyzer to measure social media performance

Tweet: How to measure social media success
Tweet: 732 free tools to measure social media
Tweet: How to measure social media success
Tweet: 101 free tools to help your understand social media
Tweet: 11 ways to increase success on Twitter

Does the above sound or look familiar? Is your timeline full of tweets like this?
There are hundreds of free tools out there being tweeted all day, everyday. Tools which allow you to monitor your social media activities but there is no one tool as good as Twitalyzer. It really is ‘serious analytics for the social media expert’. Ok, firstly I am no expert but I do love analytics and social media. Continue reading

BAM Analytics App for the iPhone

After having spent the last few weeks researching and contemplating which analytics app to download for the iPhone I finally made the choice of downloading BAM Analytics by Blast Advance Media. Was it a bad move? I don’t think so. Having downloaded the app to my iPhone it meant having my web stats with me at all times.I am someone who wants to know web stats NOW! I want to know how my campaigns are progressing NOW! I want to know how many conversions my e-mail campaign which went out at 1pm has generated now that it is 4pm. I want to know NOW! Hence by having my web stats with me where ever I maybe, it certainly helps me and my heart run along smoothly. Continue reading

Understanding the click paths of your website visitors

By using a combination of the Navigation Summary and Entrance Paths reports you can get a real insight into how your visitors are behaving, what pages they visit and where they started and ended their session. I am going to try and break it down for you so that you can get a better insight into how your visitors are behaving once they a) land on your homepage or b) land on a landing page. Continue reading

Hootsuite’s New Advanced Link Tagging Tool

Hootsuite have just rolled out a whole host of features to their Twitter client and some of which have been blogged about already. But one feature, probably the best feature, has not yet been discovered.

Hootsuite now enables you to add UTM parameters to your links within Hootsuite itself. No longer is an external tool required such as Google’s UTM Link Builder. You can do it all now within one client! Continue reading

Tracking Campaigns in Google Analytics using Custom Reports

As with any B2B website or any other content driven website it is important to establish and understand what is the main purpose of your website and what role you want it to play within your business. Many websites were set up years ago as a ‘shop window’ to their business but now with all the advancements in digital marketing it is more than just a shop window. I have always said that a website is not just a marketing tool but a business tool. Everyone within your business should be using the website as resource and every employee should know what content exists and also getting some ‘switched on’ employees to produce and contribute content to your site. Your website is a 24/7 operating lead generating machine. Continue reading

Only 27% of U.K. businesses think web analytics is useful. What the hell are you measuring?

#WAW? Recognise the hashtag? No? It is the hashtag used on Twitter for ‘Web Analytics Wednesday’ founded by Web Analytics Demystified and every Wednesday, somewhere in the world, there is an event held for web analyst enthusiasts to get members of the web analytics community networking. I so need to get involved but I am a newbie so I can be excused. Continue reading

How to find industry terms your customers are using to find products on your website

Every industry uses jargon to describe particular types of products or services and it is these niche or specific keywords which change from day to day, week to week and year to year. What an industry term might be referred to today may not be called the same next year. So how do you keep up with your ‘industry jargon’ or ‘niche keywords’ to ensure your prospects and customers keep finding your products or business on the web and to also maintain a healthy position on SERP’s? Continue reading

Determine the quality of visits to your content driven website by using Advanced Segments

Many B2B marketers love reporting just the top level figures or metrics to their board members. These top level metrics consist of Visits, Unique Visitors, Pageviews, Pages/Visit, Bounce Rate etc which you see on your dashboards. To a certain degree they are standard metrics which your Execs will understand and base their opinions and success of the website very quickly. Hence that is why you report them and no others. Right? Continue reading

How to measure the effectiveness of your online press release

There is a stat floating around various social media sites that 28% of websites worldwide use Google Analytics to measure web activity (and other offline and online initiatives). Like me, if you are using Google Analytics then how are you distinguishing or identifying all the links floating around the world wide web which point back to your website, landing page or blog posts? Continue reading

5 metrics to measure for a B2B website

Many B2B businesses still have no idea what the objectives are for their websites. Is the website a marketing tool or a business tool? Who contributes to its content? What is the main purpose of the website? How can you tell if it is doing well? Is it generating me leads? Are my customers using it as a resource for decision making or product specification? Continue reading