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We’ve launched a company blog – now what?

Congratulations on launching a company blog. The place where you will market your companies expertise in whatever it is you do.

Now the hard stuff starts.

You thought the hard part was getting the blog designed and populated with some launch posts right?


The hard graft comes now…..the strategy to market the blog…..creating awareness that it exists….creating content which is required by¬†your audience……optimising it to attract long tail search traffic….and so on.

In this post I want to share 5 things you should be doing pretty more or less straight away post blog launch. Continue reading

AVE – What is it actually measuring in PR?

Metrics, KPI’s, measurement tools, insights, data driven actions and reporting conversions has grown in popularity amongst all marketers who now have multiple tools and resources at hand to make it easier to measure success, report ROI’s and report tangible values against their worth to the members of the board. However, there is one metric which I am struggling to see any progression, movement or clarification. (I seem to be a ‘metric’ man) Continue reading

How to measure the effectiveness of your online press release

There is a stat floating around various social media sites that 28% of websites worldwide use Google Analytics to measure web activity (and other offline and online initiatives). Like me, if you are using Google Analytics then how are you distinguishing or identifying all the links floating around the world wide web which point back to your website, landing page or blog posts? Continue reading