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After having spent the last few weeks researching and contemplating which analytics app to download for the iPhone I finally made the choice of downloading BAM Analytics by Blast Advance Media. Was it a bad move? I don’t think so. Having downloaded the app to my iPhone it meant having my web stats with me at all times.I am someone who wants to know web stats NOW! I want to know how my campaigns are progressing NOW! I want to know how many conversions my e-mail campaign which went out at 1pm has generated now that it is 4pm. I want to know NOW! Hence by having my web stats with me where ever I maybe, it certainly helps me and my heart run along smoothly.

This nifty little app is great for when in meetings with agencies, clients or execs of your own business when quick stats are required for unplanned questions.

No more of this….”How many conversions did we get from the campaign we did last month?” to which you reply “erm…if i remember correctly something like 45 or 50!”. The actual figure happened to be 80!

There are about a dozen web analytics apps available, mostly for Google Analytics, there are apps available for Omniture and Webtrends too. Ok, my opinion, the best apps are Analytics App and BAM Analytics with the latter taking the lead as it loads the data much more quicker than Analytics App which was a deciding factor me.

So, here is what you get for your buck!

As soon as you have logged in with your Google Analytics details you will be shown all you websites under your account profile. Quickly select a web site to show the stats for and up pops all the reports available with the most common reports at the top and then more specific reports towards the bottom. A totla of 65 reports are available to you to choose from.

Screenshot above shows the reports available in the Overview Reports and Traffic Sources groups. Selecting the Quick Overview report shows you all the ‘dashboard’ stats such as Visits, Pageviews, Pages/Visit, Bounce Rate, Ave. Time on Site and % of New visits.

For those running E-Commerce websites there are many reports for you too:

For a full list of reports (believe me there are lots) please visit the BAM Analytics website.

Once you click on a report the data is shown on screen just as though you were viewing the stats on a desktop machine. The data is very quick to load on a wi-fi connection and still quicker than other apps on a 3G connection. Speed was a very important factor for me and BAM Analytics is certainly delivering the BAM for me! Here is the screenshot for the Visitor Overview report:

The menu options at the bottom allow you to view profile, home, reports, view graph in landscape mode, compare date ranges and select date range.

Ok, what about if you wanted to compare one month to the previous month or yesterday’s stats to the previous days stats? Well you see the ‘Scales Icon’ at the bottom of the above screenshot? Select that and it takes you to a ‘compare to past’ option:

Select your date range and click on Compare Reports and……….BAM! There you have it, this months Visitors Overview report compared to last months report.

Ok, here is the best part of this app. Custom Reports. That’s right, you have the option to create your very own custom reports right from within the app. Here is an example of ‘create custom report’ screen:

As you can see, you have two tabs ‘View Metrics‘ and ‘View Dimensions‘. Metrics contains Site Usage metrics such as Bounces, Bounce Rate, Entrances, Exits etc followed by Content Metrics (Pageviews, Visits with Search etc), followed by Goals (Goal 1, 2, 3, 4, Total Goal Completions etc), followed by E-Commerce (Unique Purchases, Quanity etc) and finally Advertising (Clicks, Cost, Impressions, CTR etc). You have 3 choices for the Metrics tab.

The ‘View Dimensions’ tab contains Visitors (Hour of the Day, Week, Month etc), Traffic Sources (Campaign, Keyword, Source, Medium etc), Content (Page Title, Page, Refined Keyword, Site Search etc), E-Commerce (Days to Transaction, Product SKU, Category, Visits to Transaction etc) and finally Systems (Browser, Connection Speed etc).

For this example, I want to create a Custom Campaign Report which tells me the dimension Campaign, and the metrics Visits, Bounce Rate and Total Goal Completions. 

Once you have then selected your metrics and dimension you are now ready to Save Report. The report will then appear at the bottom of the Menu Screen (first screenshot) and you can select it form there. Once selected it will then take a couple to seconds to fetch the data and put it together to create your report. Once its done then………..BAM!!

There you have it! A custom report which now shows me the Campaign Name, Visits, Bounce Rate and Total Goal Completions. How handy and smart is that!

With the endless amount of data available to you via this neat, small and quick app it makes BAM Analytics one of the best, if not the best analytics app available for the iPhone. A highly recommended app for any marketer requiring quick and immediate access to their web stats.


  • Speed
  • Easy to read interface
  • Over 60 reports
  • View graphs in landscape mode
  • Compare reports/date range
  • Custom Report facility
  • Occasionally crashes when creating custom reports which require big numbers or varied metrics.
  • That’s it

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