The Next Chapter

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After 4 enjoyable years at Pauley Creative it is now time to leave the nest and embark upon my own adventure.

I’ve always had the ambition of starting my own business, building something which I can be proud of and say “I did it”.

It just feels like now is the right time both from a personal and career point of view.

It also means I *might* get to see my boys a little but more too. (I’m hoping).

I’ve got a lot to share with industry marketers that will help them grow and become better.

I’ve also got a lot to learn myself.

Construction is changing as new technologies are adopted.

Marketing is changing as audiences are becoming much more sophisticated in how they access information and engage with content.

Marketers are becoming more and more curious about what works and what doesn’t.

And this is what drove me to start my own business now.

It’s an exciting time to be in construction.

So what will I be doing?

I’ll be more of a Freelance Digital Marketing Consultant.

Working for myself will allow me to do more consulting and training work with junior marketers/entry level marketers who are wanting to increase their knowledge in digital marketing and analytics in particular.

Supporting marketers who want to make more use of the web.

Getting involved with those who are running the day to day operations of a marketing department.

Helping them form a strategy or a plan.

Helping them implement campaigns and projects.

Helping marketers build a better website that works for the business, not just for the marketing dept.

Helping marketing departments fill any knowledge gaps. I know there is a massive hunger for knowledge out there and I want to share what I know about digital with others in the industry.

Provide marketers with actionable analytics reports and help them get more insights out of web data.

I’d also like to help marketers recruit new talent.

And for anything outside of construction which I can get involved in is an opportunity to learn something new outside of the industry and bring it back.

Always good to look and experience something outside of your own comfort zone.

In a nutshell, that’s about it.

Finally I should thank Nick and the team at Pauley Creative. It’s been awesome to say the least. Much more to come though!

So, come 2014 if you’d like help with any of the above or require some support, training or consultancy on digital marketing, analytics, search & content and social media then please do get in touch.


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