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10 Lessons Learnt During My First Year in Business

Wooo hooo! My first year in business is complete. Lots of lessons learnt and lots of successes along the way.

I left the agency scene 12 months ago now to start up as a freelance digital marketing manager/consultant and it’s been a super 12 months. During the early stages of going solo I was asked by many of my followers on Twitter about taking the plunge and if I had any planning tips I could share. I think flying solo is on most digital folks list of things to do in their lives.

It’s not easy I have to admit. But then it’s not meant to be easy. Taking the leap was hard enough. Continue reading

The Next Chapter

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After 4 enjoyable years at Pauley Creative it is now time to leave the nest and embark upon my own adventure.

I’ve always had the ambition of starting my own business, building something which I can be proud of and say “I did it”.

It just feels like now is the right time both from a personal and career point of view.

It also means I *might* get to see my boys a little but more too. (I’m hoping).

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My Goals for 2013

So 2012 draws to a close and many people, including myself, have been reflecting on both personal and professional achievements over the past 12 months.

At the end of 2011 I’d set myself a few personal goals which were 1) read a book a month 2) do a some sort of sport 3) learn about 2 non-marketing related things. The first two goals were things I did a lot of a while back but then somehow kind of stopped.

To be honest, I think I achieved all three goals to a certain level which I am proud of. It’s the first time I’d really set myself some realistic goals which would try and take me out of may normal routines and comfort zones and expand my knowledge into other areas.

It was a start. I prefer goals rather than resolutions.

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