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Sourcing Blog Content Ideas for Your Construction Website

In this video I give construction marketers ideas on where to source content ideas from. They include using reports and filters in Google Analytics, old and new enquiries submitted into the business, social media research and listening tools, industry forums and….your own business employees (all departments except for Marketing).

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We’ve launched a company blog – now what?

Congratulations on launching a company blog. The place where you will market your companies expertise in whatever it is you do.

Now the hard stuff starts.

You thought the hard part was getting the blog designed and populated with some launch posts right?


The hard graft comes now…..the strategy to market the blog…..creating awareness that it exists….creating content which is required by your audience……optimising it to attract long tail search traffic….and so on.

In this post I want to share 5 things you should be doing pretty more or less straight away post blog launch. Continue reading

Who gives a shit and what’s in it for the reader? Questions to ask before you publish your content

No beating around the bush…..let’s get straight in…

1. Who gives a shit?

Seriously. Whatever you are producing ask yourself “Who gives a crap about what I am about to publish?”. If it’s only you and your boss – stop.

[quote style=”boxed”]Get out of your little product bubble and go solve some real problems for your customer.[/quote] Continue reading