A Quick Look at the New Twitter Analytics – Now Open to All

Twitter announced this morning that Twitter Analytics is now open to all users – it was already open to all users but there’s been a complete revamp in the data available.

Here’s a quick look around:

Overall tweet performance and monthly comparison:

Useful to see if this months activity has generated more impressions than previous month – but remember this needs to be put into context or viewed alongside other metrics such as clicks, retweets and favourites.


Individual tweet stats:

This is useful, you can now see individual tweet stats in more detail. Impressions is the number of times a user has seen or appeared on a users timeline. Engagements is the number of users who has interacted with that tweet and finally the engagement rate is calculated by taking the number of user engagements and dividing it by the number of impressions.


Tweet details:

This is nice. You can now see exactly what the metrics were for each individual tweet. You can select maybe the top tweets with the highest engagement rate and view the below stats for each.


As you can see from the above tweet I tweeted this morning that it had received 138 impressions and 4 clicks where people had clicked on the ‘expand’ button to view the image/photo.

Engagement stats comparing over 28 days:

Twitter now also gives you an overview of your Twitter performance over the last 28 days. You can now see your overall engagement rate, link clicks, retweets, favourites and replies.


I quite like the comparison summaries where you can then ask yourself “What did I share or do last month that I didn’t share or do this month?” Why are replies down this month? Is it because you didn’t share enough content to create discussions or opinions?

Export all your data in one click:

Another great feature is that you are now able to export all your data from Twitter analytics into a CSV file where you can then create or compare on a periodical basis. Only downside is that


Your Follower Data:

There is also a tab at the top which you can select to see more data about your followers such as top interests, top locations, gender and what platforms your followers mostly use for Twitter.

Good to see 31% of my followers are construction related. Might wanna task myself to grow this over the next 12 months.


So, there you have it. Pretty useful. If you’ve not already signed up and set up Twitter analytics then head on over here: https://analytics.twitter.com/about

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