Google Analytics add Goal Sets 2,3 and 4 to custom reports

Today, Google Analytics extended the option to select Goal Sets 2,3 and 4 (Goals 6-20) to the custom reports facility. Previously you were only able to select Goal Sets 1 (Goals 1-5) within your custom reports which made it frustrating when you want to know which campaigns were converting for each goal specified in Goal Sets 2,3 and 4.

If you are running a website with 10-15 or even all 20 goals then this feature is super sexy in its own way. By creating a custom report by campaign you will be able to identify each and every conversion by each and every campaign (remember ‘campaign’ is derived form the UTM  parameters/tags set in your links).

Here is a screenshot of how I set up my ‘Conversions by Campaign’ custom report:

You can see my ‘tabs’ at the top split into ‘sets’ and within each set are my individual goals. For example, Goal Set 1 are all my downloads, Goal Set 2 are all my Enquiry submission, Goal Set 3 are all my Requests and finally Goal Set 4 are all my Subscriptions/Registrations. I have selected ‘Campaign’ as my dimension which will list all of my campaigns including Advertising, PR and E-Mail campaigns.

By saving and running this custom report I can quickly view which campaigns has got me the most or least conversions for each goal set. Which campaign got me the most subscriptions? Which campaign generated the most call back requests? Which campaign failed to generate Product B brochure downloads?

I would also advise you to create custom reports for KEYWORDS and LANDING PAGES. You will quickly be able to see which landing pages are creating the most goals and which keywords go onto converting or not converting. Each will give you insight into what you should correct and where you should put your efforts.

Enjoy….i know i will!!

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