3 charts to explain why Klout scores do not matter

I’m not a big fan of Klout and it’s way of scoring of influence and engagement and velocity and impact and the number of people who want to get into your pants. Having said that, it’s easy for social media beginners to become entangled into a world where Klout means everything just because it becomes just a numbers game. High count of followers, more likes, more connections blah blah!

I have seen people game Klout big time.

Here’s why Klout means nothing to me in the real world and in the social media spherical space (made that word up, you heard it here first ok?)

 “Wheel out chart #1”:

What’s the most important thing to you on social media? The yellow line right?

What’s the most important thing to you in the real world? The blue line right? This blue line could also be sales, leads generated, network connections, profit, revenue whatever you want it to be.

Until the blue line follows the yellow line…..I DON’T CARE and neither should you!

“Wheel our chart #2 please”:

It’s important to understand an individuals thoughts and attitude as time progresses.  

A = Just started out on Twitter
B = Just discovered this Klout schizzle
C = Oh yes!! I’m loving this baby!
D = Oh. My. God. I am starting to make friends with ladies on Twitter who wear nothing in their avatars!
E = Replace the numbers on the front of your house to “Social Media Guru Lives Here”
But it still doesn’t matter because the thing that matters the most is still constant.

“Wheel out chart #3 please”:

Now let’s add another layer of data in shall we? Let’s add your follower count or the number of friends you have.

A = The point at which people turn from liking you to finding you slightly annoying.

B = This is the point people realise you are a complete douchebag!

Hopefully I have illustrated my point why Klout does no matter. Until the world depends on Klout scores to decide on salaries and pay rises…..I don’t care. Oh, and this is not going to happen. Ever.

Moral of the story? Be yourself. Be authentic. Keep calm and carry on.

Don’t become a douchebag. Please.

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