25 Very Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Live With a New Construction Business Website

This is a helpful list of questions (in no particular order) you, the construction marketer, may want to ask yourself just before hitting that “go live” button for your newly re-designed website.

There is a FREE downloadable document at the end of the post to give you some guidance and advice on each of the questions and what you need to do or check to ensure you launch your construction business website in the best possible way.

It’s your responsibility as a marketer to ensure all the necessary tasks, elements and checks are in place to improve performance of your website from the word go.

  1. Have I made sure that the Google Analytics script is on every page?
  2. Do I have thank you pages or confirmation pages set up after filling in and submitting forms?
  3. Have these thank you and confirmation pages been set up as goals in Google Analytics?
  4. Has event tracking been set up in Google Analytics to measure downloads of PDF’s?
  5. Has Google Analytics been set up to track what people search for on our website?
  6. Is there a robots.txt file to help search engine crawlers find the right pages to index?
  7. Is there an XML sitemap to help search engines understand the hierarchy of my website?
  8. Has each and every page of my website been optimised with unique page titles and description tags?
  9. Is there a call to action on every page telling visitors what to do next?
  10. Is the company positioning statement/strapline clearly visible on every page?
  11. Does our positioning statement tell people who we are, what we do and who for in a few sentences?
  12. Who owns our Google Analytics account?
  13. Who owns our Google Webmaster Tools account?
  14. Is it easy to subscribe to updates or announcements?
  15. What does my website look like on a mobile device?
  16. Can I complete some easy tasks on a mobile device?
  17. Are the URL’s clean and consistent throughout the site?
  18. What are my top 5 things I want people to do on my website and are these set up as goals in Google Analytics?
  19. Have 301 redirects been set up so that people with old links to pages will be automagically redirected to the new pages?
  20. Does the copy contain internal links to deeper pages within the site?
  21. Am I able to control the SEO tags from within the CMS?
  22. I’ve got a tool or calculator on my website – is the usage being tracked?
  23. Have auto responder emails been set up for everyone who fills in a form?
  24. Does the page render well when printing the page?
  25. Finally, have I set some budget aside for promoting this new website?

Free Downloadable Guite To Help You Seek Answers

If you want to know how and what you need to be checking or doing then please download the document I have prepped for you. This document tries to answer or guide you on the 25 questions I have listed above:

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