10 Things I’d Measure in Google Analytics for a Website Aimed at Investors

Some of you who follow me on Twitter may already know that I’m a bit of a part-time investor and tweet stats and financials from various companies in the construction sector as and when they are released.

One company on my watch list is an engineering services company by the name of Renew Holdings.

When visiting some of the sites on my “investing shortlist” as part of my research, I often wonder “If I was Digital Marketing Manager for this company, what would I be measuring on my website?”.

So, here are 11 things I could find which could be useful to measure engagement with the website should I be responsible for its performance:


1) On-Site Search Box

It’s always interesting to know what people want quickly and easily on the site or what people are struggling to find. I’d be monitoring the search queries entered into this box and then making it a priority of mine to ensure that most (90%+) of those who searched for something found what they were looking first time. Not second, right away. Like Google.

After testing the search box, it doesn’t seem like it’s possible to track on-site searches as the keyword/search term isn’t being passed into the URL. There are messy ways to get round this but the easiest option would be to pass whatever the user has searched for into the URL after you’ve hit the ‘go’ button.

2) Downloads of a key corporate brochure

Must be a key corporate content asset if it’s on the homepage and nowhere else on the site right? I’d be measuring downloads over time and tying them back to campaigns aimed at educating new institutions, analysts/media folk or investors who have shown an interest in the company.

3) Downloads of Results Presentations from Homepage

No doubt spike in downloads/views will occur on the release of any results or statements. But it’s also worth noting that when the big investment magazines cover companies and review their financials (and tips) many investors flock to the website to research results and mine reports for themselves. So which magazine is the most influential? Sharesmag? Investors Chronicle? Moneyweek?

The reports are also available elsewhere on the site but I’d like to know what percentage of my visitors download from the homepage and what percentage, if any, go straight to the investors section to download it.

4 & 5) Video Plays

Again, tying video plays back to media coverage or campaigns, I’d be looking to measure plays of the video over time and spot any trends which tell me it’s time to upload a new video.

Interestingly, I have no idea why the video is hosted on a the media companies website – when you click on the play sign it opens up a new tab and a new website. Why not host the video within the site an display it in a pop up? Then you can use an Analytics tool such as Wistia to see how many viewers watched the entire video and if the video needs cutting up into chapters.



6) Registrations by Type of Visitor

Renew Holdings have an email alert service which is a super idea in my opinion. From all the registrations I’d be looking to segment by audience type and review/analyse which ones we have more of and which ones we have less of which we’d like to grow over time – this could be the start of a marketing campaign to target potential investors and/or current shareholders.

If I was a shareholder, I’d want re-assurance over time that the company financials are healthy and various contracts and acquisitions are flowing through. I’d also like to see some case studies being fed through from time to time, again it’s part of reassuring and educating investors.

7) Registrations

I’d be measuring overall registrations and like previously mentioned, tying that back to any external campaigns which may influence this website goal. An example might be a roadshow to recruit potential investors as the construction industry gathers pace. So between June and July I’d see if there was a significant uplift in registrations and compare it to other roadshows from previous years.

Is the trend up, same or are we losing interest?



8) Emails to Media Contacts

Using event tracking in Google Analytics I’d want to measure the number of times the email address to my media contact has been clicked. I’d then sit down with my media contact on a monthly basis and just go through some of the responses and get some idea of the quality.

Are we attracting the right type of media coverage, journo’s and editors?


9) Categories within Investor Relations Menu

As you can see from the above image, the Investor Section is split into various categories. I’d be looking to see which of those categories are most popular using either pageview report in Google Analytics or by creating Content Groupings in Google Anlytics. More info on Content Groupings here.

Which categories could do with merging and which could do with highlighting? Remember, some categories may need promoting at different times say.

10) Downloads of Results and Reports

A key goal for the site is this. Encouraging downloads of reports and results for current and potential investors. For someone like me, who sometimes just needs a quick glance at stuff first – it might be handy to have snippets or infographics translating those reports/financials into visuals. It’s easier sometimes to compare reports when it’s visualised.

So there you have it. 10 things I’d measure on the Renew Holdings site. Have a look at their website and see if there is anything else which could be measured and please do leave a comment below.

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