Where’s the Ecobuild Buzz Gone?

Around this time of the year I always head over to Google Trends to see if Ecobuild 2014 is causing a bigger stir than any of the previous years on the web. After all the economy is looking up, construction is growing and companies are investing a little bit more in marketing.

Is Ecobuild 2014 going to kickstart a wonderful year for marketing departments across the industry? Will live it live up to the hype of previous years?

Interestingly, according to Google, Ecobuild has been a bit of a drab this year compared to previous years in terms of buzz. The below chart shows interest levels (searches performed) on Google for the search term “Ecobuild”.

Peaks mean lots of interest and flat lines mean zero interest or not enough data.

Ecobuild Interest Levels on Google

As you can see, 2012 and 2013 were much popular than 2014.

Now let’s try and split out searches for Ecobuild 2013 vs Ecobuild 2014.

Ecobuild 2013 vs Ecobuild 2014

Oh dear.

Could it be that people are now finding out about new things at Ecobuild via other mediums now than before saving them doing the search? Has the show done more to communicate its messages via Twitter, Email and YouTube for example.

Let’s just hope next week’s show isn’t as quiet as it has been on Google for the show.

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