How to get to digital marketing awesomeness for Construction Marketers

It’s not uncommon to find marketers in construction doing digital marketing for doing digital marketings’ sake with no aims, goals or understanding if things are working or not.

Many marketers just dive straight in and some are more cautious. The cautious ones think too much and never actually end up doing anything and the ones who dive straight in are guilty of wasting budget & resources by conducting lots of random acts of marketing.

So this got me thinking and I used an illustration produced by Google Analytics evangelist Avinash Kaushik as a source for inspiration.

The purpose of the below diagram is to give you an idea of the steps required to get to a higher level of digital marketing awesomeness.

Construction Digital Marketing Steps by @priteshpatel9

I always hear construction marketers say “Yeah, we want to take our digital marketing efforts to the next level”.

What the heck does the “next level” look like? Hopefully, the above diagram can now help visualise it.

In my experience, many marketers think they’re at the ‘awesome website’ stage but the reality is that they’ve not even defined any goals for the website. Go back.

I’ve also dealt with companies who have no CRM systems or processes for managing and understanding leads. This is a barrier which can be indentified very early on but it will soon make you realise what you can and cannot do going forward.¬†You just end up pissing your loyal customers off because you treat them like leads because you don’t know who is a lead and who is a customer.

Note: This diagram is work in progress so if you have any ideas or missing steps then please feel free to leave a comment. Your help is much appreciated.

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