Blueglass UK Content Marketing Event Round Up

Yesterday I was at the Blueglass UK content marketing party in London to hear Kevin Gibbons talk about the state of SEO and Content Marketing in the UK.

Kevin made some brilliant points in his presentation and made a note of a few the best ones here:

  • Old SEO tactics are a bit like the England football team.
  • Traditional tactics (England) vs the more forward thinking tactics (Spain).
  • Old tactics will only get you so far – especially those repetitive direct approaches. They do get goals, but the novelty wears off and becomes all too predictable.
  • Create content. Create lots of unique, valuable content.
  • Content = more traffic, and that traffic is going to be long tail traffic which is excellent for conversion.
  • Content marketing sits in the middle of content, search and social – it binds them together. You can’t do social marketing without content and then ultimately that content needs to be found.

Econsultancy Content Marketing Report

Kevin then went onto provide us with some stats from the Econsultancy Content Marketing Survey. Some interesting stats which stood out were:

  • 38% of marketers have a content marketing strategy
  • 42% of marketers lack resource
  • 73% agree brands are becoming publishers
  • 52% of marketers use content to increase engagement
  • 42% for increasing traffic
  • 35% for brand awareness (yep, in that order!)

Finally, the biggest and most interesting point Kevin made in my opinion is ‘Hire Authors, Not Copywriters’.

With Google making an emphasis on using rel=author tags and authoring content, it pretty much makes sense that if link building is a priority, maybe the author of the content, along with their authority, influence and reach can get those goals much quicker than an anonymous post but well written copy or content.

For me personally, being in a very niche industry, authors might work better for SEO than copywriters as the relationships, awareness and reach between authors will also be strong (I hope so anyway). I’m kinda excited by that challenge/test.

Copywriters do write good content, but then that’s about it. Authors on the other hand write content and market it. Which one would you hire?

Here’s the link to Kevin’s presentation: State of Content Marketing & SEO in the UK

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