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Problem with Marketing to Many Audiences in Construction

I’ve been thinking about us marketers in construction and the problems we face when it comes to marketing & improving results. Marketing in construction is perceived to be difficult because of the number of parties involved in a specific project and businesses want to market to everyone. See, I’ve had business owners say “We need to focus on the specification market”. 8 months go by and then “We need to focus…

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5 Online Value Propositions for Building Product Manufacturers

Online value propositions is an interesting yet difficult area in the building products space because online itself is still an unchartered territory for many Marketing Managers and the meaning of value is commoditised in a sense by marketers (everyone offers some sort of value in a confusing way) and the definition of proposition is unknown or difficult to communicate for some. It’s just too hard for businesses to nail one…

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The Role of Online Building Product Directories for Marketing

Many marketers often frown when it comes to spending money with online construction and products directories and resources. Often it’s because of naivity and over managing ones own expectations. I often get asked if budget should be allocated to online product directories and the answer is always the same. View the presentation below to find out. Any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below in the comments…

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Experimenting with EmbeddedAnalytics to create Google Analytics Dashboards

I was recently contacted by Mark Schenkel of Embedded Analytics to try out a piece of software he’s created which allows you to quickly create and embed your Google Analytics data right into a web page. No more learning how the Google Analytics API works and no more remembering all those dimensions and metrics. I’m normally accustomed to using the Google Analytics API with Google Spreadsheets and some scripts to fetch…

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How to get to digital marketing awesomeness for Construction Marketers

It’s not uncommon to find marketers in construction doing digital marketing for doing digital marketings’ sake with no aims, goals or understanding if things are working or not. Many marketers just dive straight in and some are more cautious. The cautious ones think too much and never actually end up doing anything and the ones who dive straight in are guilty of wasting budget & resources by conducting lots of…

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5 Tools to Help You Manage Your Social Media Activity

I know many marketers struggle with managing their social media profiles whether for networking or for marketing their particular brands. More often than not the problems are ‘time’ and ‘resources’. Time to update profiles and resources to find and curate the content to share. (Which sometimes also makes me wonder that it’s not been properly thought through)

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Which of the top 100 Architects and Practices are on Twitter?

Below is a table which shows the top 100 architect practices as published by Building magazine and one click follow buttons so that you can start following them over on Twitter. The league table seems to date back to 2010 and I can’t seem to find a more current list published by anyone. If anyone knows of a more current list then please do let me know and I will republish the…

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