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25 Very Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Live With a New Construction Business Website

This is a helpful list of questions (in no particular order) you, the construction marketer, may want to ask yourself just before hitting that “go live” button for your newly re-designed website. There is a FREE downloadable document at the end of the post to give you some guidance and advice on each of the questions and what you need to do or check to ensure you launch your construction business…

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3 Digital Marketing Trends All Building Product Marketers Must Be Aware of for 2017

2017 is nearly here and it’s time to start planning those objectives right? Hopefully you’re well under way with it anyway. To help you define your objectives, here are 3 big trends I’m seeing which may or may not impact your digital strategy next year. Your online stockists/merchants are gobbling up your organic search traffic Do a broad search for your product. You’ll notice some ads at the top with…

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Sourcing Blog Content Ideas for Your Construction Website

In this video I give construction marketers ideas on where to source content ideas from. They include using reports and filters in Google Analytics, old and new enquiries submitted into the business, social media research and listening tools, industry forums and….your own business employees (all departments except for Marketing). Remember to also check out all my other whiteboard videos over in the videos section.

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How Construction Companies can use Search (SEO) Landing Pages to Grow Organic Traffic

Transcript Welcome back, folks, for another episode, another video. In this video, I’m talking about what are search landing pages. Something that I’ve often recommended to clients in order to scale websites, in order to grow traffic. It’s often used as a tactic primarily to target a very niche audience or a very specific set of search queries by producing content, by producing relevant landing pages only accessible via search,…

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We’ve launched a company blog – now what?

Congratulations on launching a company blog. The place where you will market your companies expertise in whatever it is you do. Now the hard stuff starts. You thought the hard part was getting the blog designed and populated with some launch posts right? Wrong. The hard graft comes now…..the strategy to market the blog…..creating awareness that it exists….creating content which is required by your audience……optimising it to attract long tail search…

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Construction Product Marketers: Enable & Get the F**k Out The Way

Over the past 18 months I have met many construction product marketers and businesses alike. They all have the same goals and same marketing problems. Marketing is no longer just about marketing products for construction product businesses. Think about it. All products conform to some sort of standard or criteria making them all the same on paper – so what’s a businesses USP?

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Spam Events and Keywords in Google Analytics

Today I have just noticed that the below event in your Google Analytics event tracking reports is actually spam. I did actually notice it a few days ago on another clients profile but it just so happens that there was some event tracking integration going on at the same time – so i just put it down to user error (developer not following instructions).

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10 Lessons Learnt During My First Year in Business

Wooo hooo! My first year in business is complete. Lots of lessons learnt and lots of successes along the way. I left the agency scene 12 months ago now to start up as a freelance digital marketing manager/consultant and it’s been a super 12 months. During the early stages of going solo I was asked by many of my followers on Twitter about taking the plunge and if I had…

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