Strategic Digital Marketing Consultancy

Strategic consultancy and advice to help achieve digital marketing objectives and goals


Phase 1: Research & Discovery

The first step in the consultancy approach is to understand the business, its objectives, the audience and the marketplace. Once all these are understood only then can we set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) marketing objectives which are aligned to the business requirements.

Phase 2: Benchmarking & Planning

Once we’ve identified the business objectives and set ourselves some SMART marketing goals we then move onto the benchmarking of current digital marketing assets such as your website. This process involves audits of your website and analytics data so that we get a fuller understanding of how the website is currently performing. Recommendations will be provided as a result of this phase.


Phase 3: Implementation of Campaigns

This phase is about implementing the recommendations as a result of phase 2. Most of the time it’s website tweaks or changes to Google Analytics setup to allow us to track sources of leads more effectively. Any specific training on how to use various tools will also be offered at this point.

Phase 4: Measuring Performance

Reviewing key metrics and KPI’s on a regular basis will help you understand how you and your campaigns are currently performing. Analytics and insight reports will help you uncover what’s happening and give you recommendations to make incremental improvements to your website, content or campaigns.


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