Construction Digital Marketing Services

A range of digtial marketing services ideal for small and large marketing departments of building product & construction companies in the UK

From Strategic Online Marketing to Analytical Insights for your Construction Business

Construction Website Audit and Strategic Recommendations

An audit of your current construction business website is absolutely necessary in order to understand current behaviour, usage and conversions. This website audit will then allow you to build a new website which exceeds current performance and give you a clearer idea of why it exists. The audit comprises of many areas from architecture to SEO with the aim of helping you to gather as much info to help you develop a better brief for the next website and to exceed current marketing performance.

  • Audit current CMS to ensure it allows you to scale and be more agile
  • Audit of Google Analytics account to record and benchmark key performance data
  • Website architecture audit to see what improvements need to be made to provide a better user experience
  • Audit website design, layout and call to actions
  • Usability study with heatmaps and session recordings to understand actual user behaviour
  • A set of recommendations will be provided to help you develop a new website brief and/or fixes for quick win opportunities.

Strategic Construction Marketing Consultancy Services

Creating a meaningful digital marketing strategy is very important. It’s far too easy to go after the latest shiny object when the fundamentals of digital marketing haven not been put into place. Working with you and your team I can help you create a strategy that is right for you and your business. Early involvement means research can be much more comprehensive and outcomes are much more realistic and timely.

  • Understand your strategic challenges, resources and capabilities
  • Identify business objectives by working with directors and management teams
  • Understand business process for lead handling and management
  • Benchmarking current online and offline marketing tactics and assets
  • Comprehensive audits on website build and analytical data
  • Identify barriers and help overcome them by putting processes in place
  • Advice on strategic and tactical activity and make recommendations for continuous improvement

Analytics & Marketing Measurement Reporting

What doesn’t get measured doesn’t actioned. Configuring your Google Analytics setup to track your website goals is one of the most important pieces within your digital marketing strategy. How else are you to know what outcomes have been generated as a result of your marketing campaigns?

  • Identify website goals which impact the business and set realistic targets
  • Set up and configure Google Analytics account to track outcomes (leads, downloads, registrations and so on)
  • Set up Google Analytics dashboards for quick viewing of important metrics and KPI’s
  • Provide periodical reports (monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly) containing insights into visitor behaviour, content performance and campaign performance
  • Provide campaign support to ensure campaigns are tracked correctly and can be reported back
  • Make recommendations for incremental improvements to the website and/or campaigns

Digital Marketing Training and Workshops

My training and workshops are ideal for those who are new to digital marketing or understand some of the basics but just need a little more detailed knowledge. Everyone is at different levels when it comes to understanding digital marketing so individual training sessions can be delivered to suit your specific needs on specific topics if you require. Training is delivered at your premises and is usually a whole day event.

Website and Campaign Project Management

This service is ideal for most construction businesses who lack resources or expertise and have specific projects which need delivering in a set timeframe. Your project could be to help manage the build of a new website over a 12 week period or it could be a short term engagement of 6 months which just requires specific SEO projects. I work for you on a project by project basis to help deliver your desired outcomes.

  • Help in the build of new websites or re-designs of existing websites
  • Increase search engine traffic by implementing on-page SEO
  • Plan and implement a content strategy (example: corporate blog and monthly newsletters)
  • Enable internal marketing teams to become self sufficient after 6 months

Project management costs depend on your requirements so please do get in touch.