Experimenting with EmbeddedAnalytics to create Google Analytics Dashboards

I was recently contacted by Mark Schenkel of Embedded Analytics to try out a piece of software he’s created which allows you to quickly create and embed your Google Analytics data right into a web page. No more learning how the Google Analytics API works and no more remembering all those dimensions and metrics. I’m normally accustomed to using the Google Analytics API with Google Spreadsheets and some scripts to fetch…

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A Quick Look At Content Grouping in Google Analytics for B2B Websites

Content grouping in Google Analytics is a wonderful new feature which I have been playing around with for a few weeks now. Basically, the content grouping feature allows you to group a set of URL’s or pages so that you can view aggregated data such as visits and conversions by category or by sections of your website. For those who need an intro, here’s a video which explains what it…

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Must Have Widgets on Every Construction Marketers Google Analytics Dashboard

Quite often, Google Analytics can be minefield when it comes to extracting data which actually means something to the person looking at it (the marketer). I’ve heard this phrase so many times “I just don’t know where to start or what to look it”. Google Analytics dashboards present a very quick and easy way to view just the top level data you need to answer some very simple marketing related…

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How to view Conversion Rates for Specific Goals in Google Analytics

The conversion report in Google Analytics is probably the most important report in the entire platform. The conversion report shows you the percentage and absolute numbers of visits which converted into a set of defined goals for the website. Goals could be anything from enquiries through to video views. Example of the conversion overview report:

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Give your B2B website some goals. They don’t have to be difficult.

Giving your B2B website some goals to measure its performance against doesn’t have to be difficult nor do any goals need to be complex. I had an interesting meeting a few days ago to discuss a new SEO and Analytics brief with a product manufacturer in the building industry. When the question was asked about ‘website goals’ it was followed by a moment of a silence. Almost a silence that…

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Google Analytics ‘Share Assets’ Option

I’m not sure if many people have discovered the ‘Share Assets’ option/button within the Profile menu of Google Analytics yet but I’ve just spotted it this morning. It’s a handy way of viewing and sharing all segments, custom reports and dashboards from one place. Select the configurations you want to share and then share the URL.

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Choosing the right end date for your Google Analytics reports

I often like to just take screengrabs off Google Analytics to show clients site progress but today, whilst putting together a quarterly web round up report, something cropped up which just got me thinking. Clients like to see traffic reports that show numbers increasing, more importantly from a visual perspective, the line is moving in a bottom left to top right diagonal direction. Signs of growth basically.

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