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Open up your marketing plan and change 2010 to 2011

It’s that time of the year again when you, the Marketing Manager, will be working hard to develop a robust marketing plan ready for the start of the new year. This means justifying why you still require a £500,000 budget and why you need to invest in improving internal communication or investing within your own staff so that you can look to explore new channels (social media, email, mobile, web)…

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Businesses need to eliminate the ‘gut feeling’ approach when making business decisions

Ever heard your Exec say “My gut feeling is…..” or “I think we should do it because I have a gut feeling that our competitor….”? Many businesses today still operate on creating and making business decisions based on ‘gut feelings’. Scary I know! I recently had a debate with my Exec on ‘data driven actions’ rather than relying on the HiPPO’s (Highest Paid Persons Opinion) ‘gut feelings’ to drive business actions (which most often…

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Forget B2B, try P2P instead!

For so long B2B marketers have had the concept of targeting businesses and corporates with their marketing activities and sucess is ultimately achieved by the number of new businesses acquired by a particular campaign. But things have changed now. Yes B2B is still business to business but if you think about it, you have always been targeting a person within that business to influence and direct your messaging towards right?…

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