A Quick Look at the New Twitter Analytics – Now Open to All

Twitter announced this morning that Twitter Analytics is now open to all users – it was already open to all users but there’s been a complete revamp in the data available. Here’s a quick look around: Overall tweet performance and monthly comparison: Useful to see if this months activity has generated more impressions than previous month – but remember this needs to be put into context or viewed alongside other…

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5 Tools to Help You Manage Your Social Media Activity

I know many marketers struggle with managing their social media profiles whether for networking or for marketing their particular brands. More often than not the problems are ‘time’ and ‘resources’. Time to update profiles and resources to find and curate the content to share. (Which sometimes also makes me wonder that it’s not been properly thought through)

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Which of the top 100 Architects and Practices are on Twitter?

Below is a table which shows the top 100 architect practices as published by Building magazine and one click follow buttons so that you can start following them over on Twitter. The league table seems to date back to 2010 and I can’t seem to find a more current list published by anyone. If anyone knows of a more current list then please do let me know and I will republish the…

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Why construction folk should focus less on Twitter and more on these 3 social sites

Let’s face it, when you think of “social media marketing” you automagically think of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. You think of these platforms as advertising mediums whereby you use them to promote your brand, products or services with the goal in mind to create more contacts or web traffic or brand awareness. You can tweet a blog post and hope someone, somewhere gives a monkeys about what you’ve just…

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5 things I look at before following someone on Twitter

This is a post for those who have just joined Twitter. I remember when I first joined Twitter back in 2009 and started following hundreds of other Twitter accounts in the space of a few days. It can get overwhelming and kind of addictive. A few months pass and you realise that your timeline is full of junk, irrelevant stuff. You could unfollow or you could do what I do.…

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3 charts to explain why Klout scores do not matter

I’m not a big fan of Klout and it’s way of scoring of influence and engagement and velocity and impact and the number of people who want to get into your pants. Having said that, it’s easy for social media beginners to become entangled into a world where Klout means everything just because it becomes just a numbers game. High count of followers, more likes, more connections blah blah!

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