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25 Very Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Live With a New Construction Business Website

This is a helpful list of questions (in no particular order) you, the construction marketer, may want to ask yourself just before hitting that “go live” button for your newly re-designed website. There is a FREE downloadable document at the end of the post to give you some guidance and advice on each of the questions and what you need to do or check to ensure you launch your construction business…

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3 Digital Marketing Trends All Building Product Marketers Must Be Aware of for 2017

2017 is nearly here and it’s time to start planning those objectives right? Hopefully you’re well under way with it anyway. To help you define your objectives, here are 3 big trends I’m seeing which may or may not impact your digital strategy next year. Your online stockists/merchants are gobbling up your organic search traffic Do a broad search for your product. You’ll notice some ads at the top with…

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How Construction Companies can use Search (SEO) Landing Pages to Grow Organic Traffic

Transcript Welcome back, folks, for another episode, another video. In this video, I’m talking about what are search landing pages. Something that I’ve often recommended to clients in order to scale websites, in order to grow traffic. It’s often used as a tactic primarily to target a very niche audience or a very specific set of search queries by producing content, by producing relevant landing pages only accessible via search,…

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Construction Product Marketers: Enable & Get the F**k Out The Way

Over the past 18 months I have met many construction product marketers and businesses alike. They all have the same goals and same marketing problems. Marketing is no longer just about marketing products for construction product businesses. Think about it. All products conform to some sort of standard or criteria making them all the same on paper – so what’s a businesses USP?

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10 Awesome Career Pages Worth Taking Inspiration From

I’ve been recently thinking about the duties of a marketer. Most marketers I know of, and based on my own experience as an in-house marketer, would be 100% focused on the target audience (prospects) and existing customers. Retention and acquisition. But 0% was focused on making the company look attractive to new talent. You know, the next Procurement Manager or the Software Engineer or the Marketing Assistant. Typically, a website…

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5 Common SEO Questions I Get Asked by Construction Marketers

SEO has changed massively over the last 3-5 years. There used to be a time when you would pick some keywords and then stuff them into as many pages as you can then…..voila! There used to be a time when Google would release a major update to it’s algorithm twice a year. Now it’s like almost every month. There used to be a time when you could pay someone, or…

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5 Tips to Help You Get That Digital Marketing Job

Over the past few months I’ve been helping a few construction and non-construction clients find their next Digital Marketing person. I’ve been helping them vet CV’s and conduct interviews, advised on questions they should be asking and what tasks they could and should be giving applicants. I’ve been a little bit disappointed to be honest (finding balance between academics and real life experience) and so I’ve decided to write some tips to help…

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Born To Build – Attracting the Next Generation into Construction & Why I Chose Construction

Some of you maybe aware of a new campaign launched last week by the UKCG (UK Contractors Group) titled “Born to Build” with the aim of attracting the younger crowd to take up careers in construction. I think everyone in the industry has a duty of care to make every effort possible to make the industry attractive to work in. It’s a great campaign and I’m glad to see that…

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M&S Website “Settling In” Blamed for Poor Sales

M&S released its latest trading update this morning and blamed the poor sales mainly on the website moving to a new platform. Let’s just remind ourselves that they spent £150m on the new website. “Marks and Spencer has reported a big drop in online sales after its move to a new website platform hit trading. Sales at M& were down 8.1% in the 13 weeks to 28 June, with M&S chief Marc…

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