Digital Marketing Consultant for Construction Companies

Welcome. I help marketing savvy construction companies plan, develop and measure the performance of digital marketing strategies and websites. I also provide training on digital marketing and Google Analytics.

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I’ll help you get the most out of your team and your digital marketing strategy. I’ll help you set realistic objectives and website goals and advise on how to achieve them.

Consultancy Services


Helping you to correctly setup and configure your website analytics tools in order to get the most out of your website and marketing campaigns.

Analytics & Reporting


Individual training sessions around digital strategy and getting the most out of your website and analytics platform. Find out more about my training sessions.

Training Services

Project Management

Whether you’re planning on building a new website or developing a new campaign, I can help your team deliver a successful website or campaign.

Project Management

My List of Must Read Marketing & Business Books

A collection of marketing & business books which I have read and highly recommend all marketers read too as part of their personal development

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Ultimate Construction Marketers Resource

A collection of useful resources for construction marketers including Twitter handles of editors and journalists from the leading industry publications, links to must read blogs, videos and webinars to help improve your knowledge

Useful Resources for Construction Marketers

Can You Name These 30 Construction Brands? Take the Quiz

How many of these 30 construction brands can you name? There’s no time limit and you only get to submit one answer…..can you beat the top score of 24? Have a go and submit your score onto the leaderboard at the end.

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